Current App Status: Version 1.2.2 is RELEASED!!

Release Notes for version 1.2.2
* MCCP Support
* More Voice Over integration
* More System Speech support options.
* Fixes for alter aeon connectivity.
* In App Help files started.
* Bug fixes

Release Notes for version 1.2.1
* Speed walking
* Some MSP Support
* Replay last text from server
* Macros can now be used as alias
* Macros can be launched from command line

Current App Status: Version 1.2.0 is NOW RELEASED!

Release Notes for version 1.2.0
* Some Chinese Language Support
* Gag text on a trigger match
* Play sounds on a trigger match
* Keystroke command to resend last command entered
* Keystroke command to turn on/off System Voice
* Bug fix updates